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Delay in Map Generation and Auto Zooming in Scatter Mapbox

Hi Everyone,

I am tough time with Scatter Mapbox tool in terms of Performance and Auto zooming. Apart from this , the map is working wonderfully.

I have around 2000 legends and 70000 data points , so these 70000 data points are divided into 2000 legends . When i just plot 70000 data points , its takes few seconds to generate the map but when i add color or legend then it slow down to 30-40 seconds which is very slow . I hope its because the data points are colored based on 2000 legends . Is there any alternative to do it , i have a very big system ( high and CPU) can i multitask the things or any other suggestion .

Second Query , i tried to explore about auto zooming to level such that all data points are visible and i did not find any workable solution if any body can suggest it would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance,

Just Checking if anybody can help me here