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Px.scatter_mapbox, the map keep resizing and jerky animations for the marker

Hi, I have this resizing issue when I have alot of items in the legends as shown in the gif upload. If I turn off legends, the map will not resize randomly. Is there anything I can do to prevent the resizing.

2nd, is it possible for the animation to be smooth. For my case, every single timeline or date seems to be redrawing the marker, it just expand to the next size with no transition. Also, the slider seems to be having rubberband effect. It went backwards then forward again.


This is my code

fig = px.scatter_mapbox(test_mapAnimation, lat=“Lat”, lon=“Long”, animation_frame=“level_5”, animation_group=“Province+Country”, size=‘values’, color=“Province+Country”, hover_name=“Province+Country”, mapbox_style=‘outdoors’, zoom=0.75, size_max=150, height=700)