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Slow render in scattermapbox


I have a data with 3200 points in a US map, each point is described bellow.
the render time of all the point on the map takes a long time (more then a few minutes).
any idea how can improve the performance? do you know if there is a limit on the amount of points to render?

type: ‘scattermapbox’,
mode: ‘markers’,
name: ‘’,
lat: [row.Y],
lon: [row.X],
customdata: [
label: row.Combined_Key,
CC: row[cc_parameter_name],
metric: metricLabel
marker: {
color: [parseFloat(row[metricLabel]).toFixed(2)],
colorscale: ‘Portland’,
cmin: bottomPercentile,
cmax: topPercentile,
reversescale: metricValue === ‘DT’,
opacity: 0.9,
size: [row[cc_parameter_name]],
sizemode: ‘area’,
sizeref: 150