Default gradient not consistent on DAQ slider

I have setup 2 DAQ sliders. Slider 1 range is 0 -> 5 and Slider 2 range is -5 -> 0. Both have value set to 0 by default. For Slider 1, it’s gradient it gray indicating it is at it’s “minimum” position; however, Slider 2 appears to be at it “maximum” position since the gradient is full blue; sliding to -5 results in the gradient matching Slider 1 (at it’s 0 value).

Is there any way (or documentation to help understand how) to allow Slider 2 gradient to match that of Slider 1?

Anybody have thoughts on this and how I can make this work? It would be great to have a DAQ Slider, whose values range from -10 to 0, have the “starting point” be at 0. Such that, when -1 is selected, the slider is filled from 0 to -1; currently, when -1 is selected, the slider is filled from -10 to -1.