Plotly dash Daq gauge color gradient issues with negative scale

I am trying to use a DAQ gauge to display current value and am having issues. My problem appears to be the same as this bug report on github. when i have a negative value for minimum only two of the three gradient colors appear.

Also is it possible for the DAQ gauge to have 5 gradients i would like to go from red, to yellow, to green, to yellow, to red if possible.

Hi @z28z34man

To change the color to 5 gradients, you might find this post helpful: Dash DAQ Gauge: Red to Green to Red


Thanks. That worked great for the 5 color gradient as long as all the values are positive . I really appreciate it.

Is there anything i can do so it will work with negative values

Hi @z28z34man
It looks like that bug was fixed and merged a few months ago, but there hasn’t been a new release of dash-daq since April 2020.

@alexcjohnson can you say when there will be a new dash-daq release?

Thanks for reminding me of that @AnnMarieW - right, there was a whole bunch of work done in dash-daq last fall that we haven’t released yet. Really the only thing left is to QA the changes to make sure we haven’t introduced new bugs or breaking changes, then we can release it. I’m not really sure when we’ll be able to get to that but I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you so much i greatly appreciate it.