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dash_daq.Gauge buggy/broken?

I am using Dash for an application which shows the user graphs based on information provided by the user. The app seems to work fine, but when I look into the console in Google Chrome, there are these errors which are thrown around 180 times according to the counter in the console.

The Errors:

Error: attribute x: Expected length, “NaN”

Error: attribute y: Expected length, “NaN”

The app has so many components at its current state that I am not able to find the element in my web application which seems to throw these errors. Is there some way the browser console can offer me more information on the origin of these errors? Or did someone else have these issues and was able to solve it?

Thanks in advance


I found the origin, but not the reason:
When I delete everything from daq.Gauge except the id, the error does not show. But I can’t see the mistake here, I followed the guide provided by Dash and there is no great difference to the reference.
Does someone see the mistake here?

                color={"default": "black","gradient": True, "ranges": {"red": [1, 3], "yellow": [3, 5], "green": [5, 7]}},
        ], style={'marginBottom': 10, 'marginTop': 25, 'width': '33%', 'display': 'inline-block'})


I think daq.Gauge is buggy. When I delete “min=1” the errors do not occur. But for some reason the gauge is then rendered in black and white and the ticks are labelled, although they weren’t before. Is the syntax for daq.gauge different from the syntax shown in the guide (dash_daq.Gauge | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly)? Or is that component broken at its current state?

Ok I get now, why the gauge is black. Because if I delete the min = 1, then the ranges are not correct in the color dict therefore it defaults to black.

So the main problem with dash-daq.gauge seems to be, when the min value is not 0. Then these Console Errors occur

Edit: If logarithmic is set to True for daq.Gauge, then these errors also do not occur, but clearly the scale is then logarithmic which is not exactly what I wanted. But it is an interesting info I guess