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Datashader with Dash

I have a large dataset I want to visualize with Dash and stumbled upon Datashader which I wanted to try out but couldn’t find any documentation for it in the Dash user guide. The example in the apps gallery is too contrived to understand without comments. Can someone please post a simple usage guide for how to integrate Datashader within Dash or simple examples for the same ? Thanks a lot for the help.

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I would also be very interested in an example of datashader in dash?! The example in the apps gallery is not a valid link anymore and so far I wasn’t able to find any other code snippets in dash for big data.

I want to show a time series graph of >6 million rows (measurement every 10 seconds). Does anybody has an idea how I could try to solve that memory issue so that dash would not crash anymore? Thanks a lot! (Scattergl or @cache.memorize with dataframe conversion to json did not solve the problem)

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I have been having the same issue. I raised this concern when the Dash Announcement for Holoviews integration with Plotly / Dash was first made in this community. The examples provided there dont work. Plus the code for ‘linked_selection’ example of a map with a histogram doesnt work either. I have a pandas dataframe loaded from a parquet file with around 5 million points (lat / long) that I need to display on a dashboard with a histogram showing the values of a parameter at each of these points. Please advice.