Datashader for Dash is automaticaly autoscaling back to full range

Hi there, I am having issues with the datashader for Dash.

On the Dash Gallery App you can find an example for Datashader Since there is a huge set of data, at first the data will be shown as a heatmap, and only if the threshold is met by selecting less points, it will switch to scattergl. However, when I zoom into the graph, and I have not met the threshold yet (still says “Select less than 100.0k points to invoke high-res scattergl trace”), it will show me the subselection as heatmap for a second and then just jump right back to the full data range, just as I would have clicked on “autoscale”.

The app used to work a few months ago, but not anymore, so I though about dependency issues, but couldn’t figure it out so far. I would highly appreciate if anybody could help! Thanks in advance!


I found a workaround with a self-defined range, which I assume is not quite the way it is supposed to be implemented. In case anybody is facing the same problem, I posted my solution at the issue I had created for Datashader:

I am still open for better solutions and improvements!