Holoview Example on Dash

Hi all,

I came across Holoviews integration with Dash for large dataset visualisation. HoloViews | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

The example code under ‘Visualising a Large Geographic Dataset with Datashader’ and ‘Mapbox datashader and linked selections’ are the same. However, the visualisations are meant to be different, as shown. Am I missing something here?

Thank you

hi Ankita,
Thank you for reporting this. @liamc do we need to update one of the code snippets?

AS @ankita-unsw mentioned, Visualizing a Large Geographic Dataset with Datashader seems to have the same code snippet as Mapbox datashader and linked selections.

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Hi @ankita-unsw
Liam found the mistake and is working on updating the docs. Thank you again for reporting.

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Thank you @adamschroeder @liamc for addressing this

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