Data_analysis app: Interest rate modelling (Dash for R)

Hey Team,

I have built an r app, it’s very simple to understand and adapt from.

Some cool plots include: 3d, 2d (for 12 columns/variable), pie, histogram, correlation plot, probability distribution curves (t, normal, lognormal, gamma, Laplace) with the goodness of fit test and dynamic tables (changes in size with selection in dropdowns menu)

Check it out here:




Very sweet! I believe this is the first Dash for R sample app shared in this forum :1st_place_medal:. Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to see what else you create!

Just cross-linking some GIFs on the github page:

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I actually wanted it to be published among other apps, where it becomes more accessible for new developers as there are fewer R dash apps to adapt plots from.

Anyways, I do have two minor issues in it, both are related to coloring of data in plots.

In fcts.R, i have function called two_d, it generates plot shown in the gif titled “Dash_Components: Slider/dropdown”. I use color list for specifying color for each column/tenure.

I wanted to have same consistent color code of different tenures/columns (1_Mon, 2_Mon, 3_Mon… etc) for different plots like have same colors for pie chart and same colors in the difference plot generated by fcts called diff_plot. I even iterated over the color_tenure coded list called colls.

In the beginning, i did get diff_plot with same color consistent plot, but then it stopped for some reason. Pie chart case is harder as we don’t have feature to color code data columns.

It’s not of that importance, if you get time, you could have a look at it…

Overall, dash is just amazing, very quick to learn, especially bcuz of the user guide and the live running apps.

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