Dashtable "contains" filtering not working in 3.6.0

I would like to filter data by simply typing a part of a string just like in the “frontend” example:
in which when I type ‘aus’ I get all record containg ‘aus’ value in a certain column.

When I copy the “frontend” example to a file and run, it doesn’t filter anything. At the same moment the filter works good when I type =‘Austria’.

I’m using:

  • dash 0.42.0
  • dash-core-components 0.47.0
  • dash-html-components 0.16.0
  • dash-renderer 0.23.0

Bolesław Maliszewski

Docs are using Dashtable 3.7.0 where several breaking changes to the filtering syntax were made, including just letting you implicitly search a substring: dash-table/CHANGELOG.md at master · plotly/dash-table · GitHub

Update to 3.7.0 to get these shiny new features.

Works perfect. Thank you!