DashRenderer app_entry behind sso

I have a bit of a strange issue that i can’t figure out. I’m deploying a multi-page application behind a SSO (single sign on) system.

My app work for all pages if you’ve completed the SSO, gotten the right certs, and then SSO forwards you to my dash app correctly: https://www.example.com, for example. I can also go to pages in my multi page app behind SSO, https://www.example.com/page2, for example. Everything is working great so far.

My issue however is that I’m in need of providing a page that isn’t protected by SSO:
https://www.example.com/health for example. In the SSO administrative page I’ve set it up so that you don’t need SSO authorization to get to this page. I’ve verified that SSO is setup correctly so that I can access this page without authentication.

However, when i browse to this page when I’m not authenticated, it begins loading and gets stuck. The console debug says that DashRenderer() could not be found. I’m assuming it’s because DashRenderer() is in the ‘root’ directory (trying to load from https://www.example.com), and because the root directory is behind SSO it can’t be accessed. When I browse to that page when I am authenticated, it loads without issue, so I know the page works.

I believe what i need to do is update the {%app_entry%} as described here, but I can’t wrap my head around the easiest way to do this for my case (only change app entry if the url is https//www.example.com/health). The other option i see is making the directory for dash components also not protected by SSO (_dash-component-suite and all subdirectories):

Any help on how this can be accomplished?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: it appears that I should be setting ‘requests_pathname_prefix’ or ‘routes_pathname_prefix’ to get the dash renderer to be available in the case of https://www.example.com/health, but when i try that, I get an error that says this attribute is read only