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Absolute paths for dash renderer

I am embedding a dash app in a div on another website (iframes not desired for a few reasons) and there is an issue with the relative paths for the dash components - is there a way to enforce absolute paths in the links?


where are you embedding you dash app? flask?

Into an existing Java web app running on tomcat and other things.

I’m reviving this topic as it seems to be unsolved. I am encountering similar issues.

If I run the Dash app locally, it works fine.

I try to access the same page through a reverse proxy in a full URL that looks something like this:

There are a lot of dependency issues. If I use the dev tool in Firefox I can clearly see what’s wrong. The request URL looks like this:<bunch of stuff>.js<bunch of stuff>.js

Which results in a lot of ‘500’ errors. There is just one ‘200’ status and I am left with “Loading…” on the page indefinitely.

I assume it would help if the dependencies were pointed to a place like this:<bunch of stuff>.js

this is solved through the requests_pathname_prefix and routes_pathname_prefix.