Single Sign On auth - Login to Dash App

Hello all,

we’ve seen a lot of dash features so far, which is amazing,

I’ve created a webpages for my organization, but since i reached the access and login phase,
there are no supported methods to follow,

i want to have only users in the organization active directory to access ( single sign on auth),
could any one please support me with the steps or methods.

Thank you.

Hello @Manar,

There are several different login flows available.

I don’t know if SSO has a tutorial yet. You could use something like flask-dance.

As far as allowing only your org to work with it, that will need to be setup within the Auth platform. So, for azure you’d only allow logins with your organization.

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Thank you @jinnyzor , but where can i embedded dash, or initialize it

You should be able to do something like this:

Just use flask-dance instead.

Can you provide me with simple syntax, i face a challenge when combining them at once