Dash with multiple page and local dataset apache2 error "Internal Server Error"

Hi i’ve been developing some home page data dashboard for my school, I’m deploying my dash app on ubuntu server using apache 2, the things is when I run the app under local server there is no problem however when the app deployed on the apache web server it shown an error on the website “Internal Server Error” please some one give me some guidance I’ve been stuck :smiling_face_with_tear:

here is my code :

I hope someone can help me :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve not looked at it in detail, but as a general thing if you see ‘Internal Server Error’ in your browser you should be able to find more about what the error is by looking at the Apache error logs on the server (default location is /var/log/apache2/). Or by using app.run(debug=True)

Thank you for your reply David, I’ve check the error.log but I don’t found new error or there is no error massage regarding the “Internal Server Error”.

I’m actually new comer for web development, I realize the error a rise when I change github url dataset into local dataset (dataset under the same directory).

I don’t know how many option for my web app to read the csv files.

I have been trying to use github url to all my dataset and it cause super slow at initial loading (infinite loading).

Actually my web app has many pages and each pages has different dataset.

I also already try to reducing the file size by converting the csv file into parquet but It’s seem use less

the last error.log is on may 03 and I just make new update recently

I see in your Github you’re doing this:

app.run(debug=True, dev_tools_ui=False)

I just tried this and it appears to be a recipe for suppressing the error messages.

I think if you use app.run(debug=False) (probably the best option for deployment) you should see the errors in the log, and if you use app.run(debug=True, dev_tools_ui=True) you should be able to see them in the UI

(But I don’t understand why your last error log should be a month old)

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