Dash multipage app deployed with apache2 won't display pages to user

I’m having problems with deploying my Dash multipage app.

I have successfully built my mutipage Dash app with the app.py-pages folder structure. In the pages folder, I have multiple pages. Then I created an AWS EC2 instance, started an apache2 server on Ubuntu, and ran a gunicorn server and the page can be accessed from the browser. The dash app consists of many pages with datatables that pull data from a RDS MySQL instance and is supposed to show those data in the datatables. The app works perfectly in the local environment. Also, the connection between the EC2 and the RDS is set up correctly and the EC2 can retrieve data from the database successfully and pretty quickly.

However, when the server is started and everything is supposed to work fine, as I navigate to the app from my browser, the app doesn’t work. What happens is that it only renders the upper panel with my H1 header and the links to three pages, but none of those links work. The homepage content doesn’t load either, as any of the other pages contents. What can be wrong here? Please, help. I can provide more information if necessary. Thanks in advance