Dash web page will not load when EFF privacy badger is in use

I use Chrome + EFF’s privacy badger . Privacy badger is an excellent tool that - UNFORTUNATELY - when on, does not allow Dash to work on a web page i.e.: dash-dependencies can’t load.

Flask, plotly, etc. do not have any challenges with privacy badger. What are your thoughts with fixing the Dash implementation so that it loads when Privacy Badger is active?

Thank you.

That’s odd. Could you check to see which network requests are blocked? The only 3rd party requests are from the unpkg CDN, which is the widely-used CDN for serving assets from NPM.


Huh, I don’t know why it is blocking cdn.plot.ly. This is a domain that serves plotly.js from S3 through fastly.com’s cache. No cookies are set, you can verify yourself in the source or the network request: