Hi there,

I am not too familiar how the distribution works, but for me it looks like the following file went missing:




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@chriddyp Also, plot.ly/dash/ is un-accessible as a result. unpkg CDN is failing us atm.

it looks like it’s back up now, can everyone confirm?

No - still the same. But it is not 100% reproducible. May be related to IPv4 / IPv6??

Testing from incognito, to avoid using cache

We tried on multiple devices and network - some work, some doesn’t. I can load on my iPhone using local 3G, but not on my MacBook using office wifi, while a colleague - can’t load plot.ly/dash on his Android phone and laptop…

OK thanks. It’s working for me

but I’ll move it to serving locally for now. You can do this with your own apps with:

app.css.config.serve_locally = True
app.scripts.config.serve_locally = True

This is the third time that unpkg has gone down since July, it might be time to look into a more stable alternative.

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PR for serving assets locally on the user guide https://github.com/plotly/dash-docs/pull/33

Is changing CDN still considered an option?

Thanks! Waiting for re-deployment of https://plot.ly/dash/.

@Vlad - User guide has been redeployed. Could you check that it works?

No, but it looks different now…16

I thought that serve locally does not handle bundle.js , but other files, no?

Ack sorry, missed something. Another PR coming up.

OK @vlad, we should finally be good now:

The only external resources are from the cdn.rawgit.com and fonts.googleapis.com. Let me know if this works!

plot.ly/dash is back! How do we fix our app?

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app.css.config.serve_locally = True
app.scripts.config.serve_locally = True

If you are using external CSS or JS, then add them to the top of your layout with e.g.

css_link = '/static/my-stylesheet.css' # update with your stylesheet. could be https://... as well
js_link = '/static/my-script.js' # update with your custom JS link if applicable. again, could be a remote url prefixed with e.g. https://... as well

app.layout = html.Div([
    html.Link(rel='stylesheet', href=css_link),
    html.Script(type='text/javascript', src=js_link),

    # ... the rest of your app

Thanks very much. It helps me a lot.