📣 Dash v1.14.0 Released - Update the Tab's Title, Removing the "Updating..." Messages, Updated DataTable Link Behavior

Update: version 1.16 has been released since this was posted.

Dash v1.14.0 is a minor release featuring:

  • Ability to update the document.title (the title that appears in your browser tab) via a title= argument. By default this is 'Dash'

    app = dash.Dash(title='Weekly Analytics')
  • Ability to update the document.title dynamically when you click on different tabs, navigate different pages, or really during any other interaction! See the Update the Document Title Dynamically based off of the URL or Tab example.

  • Ability to update the “Updating…” message that appears in the document.title during update via the update_title= argument. Set to None to remove this message. This was a community contribution from @stlehmann! :crown: See the Customizing or Removing Dash’s “Updating…” Message example in the docs.

  • Upgraded Plotly.js from 1.54.3 to 1.54.7

  • Added ability to configure markdown links behavior in DataTable. This fixes a regression introduced with #787 that made it impossible to open markdown links in the current tab. This adds a new property called markdown_options:

    dash_table.DataTable(markdown_options={'link_target': '_self'})

    link_target can be _blank, _parent, _self, _top or an arbitrary string (default: _blank)

:arrow_right: Official Changelog

Give this a release a try with

pip install dash==1.14.0

and let us know how it goes!

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:clap: @stlehmann great work on your first Dash community PR!

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The timing for this could not have been better. My application is undergoing an accessibility audit. One of the items that was flagged was the lack of meaningful page titles when switching tabs. I just updated the application and this is working great! Thanks, @stlehmann!


Great pleasure. I just installed 1.14.0 and tested the new update_title parameter. Works like a charm :slight_smile: Thanks again @alexcjohnson for the great mentoring.


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