Remove 'Updating' from browser title

Is it possible to remove the ‘updating…’ from the browser tab? Because on high frequency intervals it gets a little unsettling… :wink:

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Is this a flask feature or a Dash feature? Could I pass something as a parameter to the flask server?

It’s not a configuration parameter right now, it’s baked into dash-renderer.

Alright, maybe it will be at some point. :smile: If at all it should probably only be considered for high frequency stuff, high data rate end of the monitoring spectrum. Mostly it’s nice to have visual feedback for when you enter something. Ideally one could only prevent it for the Interval.

An update_title parameter was added to the Dash class with PR #1315 and should be available with version 13.5. It let’s you control the message that is shown during updates or skip the update message entirely by setting it to None.


Nice! I’ll try it out. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks to @stlehmann! This feature is now available in dash==1.14.0 (📣 Dash v1.14.0 Released - Update the Tab's Title, Removing the "Updating..." Messages, Updated DataTable Link Behavior) and is documented in Look for the title= and update_title= . See the “Customizing Dash’s Document or Browser Tab Title”, " Update the Document Title Dynamically based off of the URL or Tab", and “Customizing or Removing Dash’s “Updating…” Message” sections.

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