Dash-Table with dropdowns does not allow other cells to be edited

As the title says, when I try to render a dash-table that includes one or more cells rendered as a dropdown (static, if that makes a difference), it prevents other normal cells from being edited even if editable is set to True on the table itself, as well as one each editable column. This isn’t a problem with edits being saved in the table, the cell won’t even highlight like its editable. This is using dash-table version 3.6.0. The application used to work as desired but broke semi-recently.

Note: I can’t provide my code as-is because it is an application for work, although if it helps troubleshoot I can provide a dummy program that causes the same result.


The solution to be able to have the dropdown on some of the columns while remaining the others editable is to split the column attribute in such a way :

columns= [
	 {'id': c, 'name': c, 'deletable': True, 'editable_name': True, 'presentation' : 'dropdown'} for c in template_tracking.columns[0:3]] + [
	 {'id': c, 'name': c, 'deletable': True, 'editable_name': True} for c in template_tracking.columns[3:] 

In this example, the first three columns will have the dropdown options, and the rest will be editable.


Given a certain column, Is there a solution for having a dropdown on some of the rows while other rows stay editable?
Dropdown on a row (conditional) works okay, but then I am not able to edit the values in other rows.