DashTable : Column_static_dropdown block editable property?


I have a Dash Table, with the drop-down options activated and working :grinning:

However, this table has 7 columns and I apply the drop down options to only two of the columns. Then, my problem is that the 5 remaining columns are not editable anymore.

Is it possible to apply the dropdown options to only a specific set of columns while keeping the other editable?

                                        editable = True,
                                        columns=[{'id': c, 'name': c, 'presentation' : 'dropdown'} for c in df_roster.columns],
                                        column_static_dropdown = [
                                            'id' : 'MISSION',
                                            'dropdown' : [
                                                {'label' : i, 'value' : i}
                                                for i in df_roster['MISSION'].unique()
                                            'id' : 'NAME',
                                            'dropdown' : [
                                                {'label' : i, 'value' : i}
                                                for i in df_roster['NAME'].unique()

Thanks for your time guys !

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I am having the same issue as well, must be a relatively recent change because dropdowns were working previously in the same project.