Dash Table inputs

I am having 2 small issues. I have this interactive dash_table.DataTable with 2 problems,
When I input any number in any cell, other other cells get the same value automatically as shown in figure,
2nd I want to get the numbers from this single row and give it as input to a function as a float numbers list. Anway to solve this.
Thank sin advacne.


Is it possible to see how you are initially populating your table?

As far as the second, you can use the input from the data_table’s “data” and make it the desired output.

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I have now new code, and it is now on my Github,
I actually deleted that one and created new one which worked

Did you figure out what caused this? I am very curious about it…

No i still don’t know the reason, but when i deleted that one and created new one it worked

I wonder if maybe you had the same id mapped for each column. Are you willing to give that a try?

For those who may encounter this issue, this was a result of the id being the same for each column:

app.layout = html.Div([
                data=[{'column':'0', 'name':'0', 'compare':'0', 'group':'0'}],
                columns=[{"name": i, "id": 'test'
                    } for i in
                   ['column', 'op']] + [
                {"name": 'compare', "id": 'test'},
              {'name':'group', 'id':'test'}],

Make sure you pass unique id’s when building the columns.