Change id columns from table created with dataframe

Hi Guys,

I Trying to use function “Update columns from the Same Table”. For this i need a diferent id for each columns that wil be calculated. But i creatind datatable from pandas dataframe with function below.

                columns=[{"name": i, "id": i} for i in tabelaupph2.columns],

How can i change id only for a specific columns after columns created from pandas dataframe?

Thank you.

Hi @ceuzebio, your columns already have distinct ids which are the names of tabelaupph2.columns (print the list of columns to know the names). So you can adapt the example from the documentation using these names instead of input-data. Hope this helps, if not please post more details and a standalone code.

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Yes, you sure. I new on Dash Tables.

Thank you for answers and help.