Dash Table input data

Hey, i have a question. Is it possible that newer dash table versions does not accept lists for their field data anymore?

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data should still be a list of dicts. From the reference:

data (list of dicts with strings as keys and values of type string | number | boolean ; optional): The contents of the table. The keys of each item in data should match the column IDs. Each item can also have an ‘id’ key, whose value is its row ID. If there is a column with ID=‘id’ this will display the row ID, otherwise it is just used to reference the row for selections, filtering, etc. Example: [ {‘column-1’: 4.5, ‘column-2’: ‘montreal’, ‘column-3’: ‘canada’}, {‘column-1’: 8, ‘column-2’: ‘boston’, ‘column-3’: ‘america’} ].

Are you seeing any errors in your app?