Dash plotly knob updates between dragging


I’m attempting to use a knob (edit: changed from “gauge”) Knob | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly . However, updating the knob updates a large amount of data. When I move the knob and have not yet released the mouse button (i.e. when I am moving the knob between two points but am part way), the knob updates the data. Is there any way to only have there knob update the data on release of the knob?


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Assuming you are using a slider to manipulate the gauge, make sure you are using value and not drag_value to update.

Value, by default will only update upon the mouseup event. drag_value will update continuously throughout the drag.

If you altered the updatemode, you should also leave that as default.

Here the link to the docs @jinnyzor is refering to:

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My sincere apologies, I mean they I’m using a knob Knob | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

Unfortunately there is no property updatemode for the knob so you can’t control this behavior via python.

Maybe there is a workaround using JS.