Is it possible to display slider value without updating attached callback?

I have this app:

We use sliders as inputs. Changing a slider value causes a multi-second computation to happen and then the graph updates, thus the sliders updatemode is set to mouseup. It is very difficult to set the sliders to the exact value you desire because there is no live feedback of the current hover location. I’d like to update the number in the slider header based on an updatemode drag but retain updatemode mouseup for updating the plot. This would allow the user to set the slider to the exact value they desire.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this. Is it possible? Or are there alternative methods to achieving slider location feedback for the user?

One alternative option would be to add a button for updating the plot and detach the sliders from the plot callback, but it is nice not to have to include an extra GUI feature.

To my knowledge it is not possible to do so without adding another button or checkbox :frowning:

There is a slider with the value indicated within the Dash DAQ components (however it requires a purchase) :

Does this imply that it is possible to create a custom component that does this?

Yes :), you can find information about building your own component here :

Dash DAQ (including the color picker component) is now open-source and completely free.

You can get started with Dash DAQ here:

The source code for all of the instrumentation examples can be found on GitHub here: