Dash Job - MDI Software Developer - Georgetown University (USA)

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Plotly and Dash for visualization and dashboard creation

Company: Georgetown University

Title: MDI Software Developer

Category: Full Time

Location: Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA

Experience: Entry level

Application: Link to apply


About the job

Located in a historic neighborhood in the nation’s capital, Georgetown offers rigorous academic programs, a global perspective, exciting ways to take advantage of Washington, D.C., and a commitment to social justice. Our community is a tight knit group of remarkable individuals interested in intellectual inquiry and making a difference in the world.

Job Overview
The core functions of the position of MDI Software Developer, will engage in research, development, and implementation of integrated, dynamical environment-economy toolkits that integrate interactions among macro-economics, climate change, mineral scarcity, and biomass distribution. The Software Developer will collaborate with Researchers in the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program to develop visual analytic tools.

Work Interactions
This Software Developer will interact with researchers of the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program, other technical staff, faculty at other universities, and students. This position reports directly to MDI Director Lisa Singh and EJP Director Gaël Giraud. They are responsible for this project.

Work Mode Designation
This position has been designated as Hybrid 3 Days (3 days on campus/2 days telework). Please note that work mode designations are regularly reviewed in order to meet the evolving needs of the University. Such review may necessitate a change to a position’s mode of work designation. Complete details about Georgetown University’s mode of work designations for staff and AAP positions can be found on the Department of Human Resources website: Mode of Work Designations | Human Resources | Georgetown University.

Requirements And Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree (BSc) in Computer Science.
  • A minimum of 3 – 5 years of working experience in Computer Science research and/or development.
  • Strong technical skills
  • Advanced programming and analytical skills; and knowledge of statistical modeling.
  • Python skills and front-end development experience. For instance, good knowledge of
  • numpy and pandas for data handling
  • matplotlib, plotly and dash for visualization and dashboard
  • stramlit, pyside for data extension, or equivalent libraries
  • Ability to design and code software independently.

Preferred Requirements And Qualifications Should Be Listed Separately Here.

  • Knowledge in Fortran, in cython.
  • Google, Amazon or Azure Cloud experience
  • Programming proficiency in JAVA and PYTHON
  • Application programming skills
  • Web development skills, including Javascript, HTML, CSS, PhP
  • Database administration knowledge, Postgres a plus
  • Understanding of statistics and statistical programming packages