Dash Job - Data Engineer - Peoplebank staffing agency (Australia)

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Proficiency in DASH and PLOTLY is highly desirable.

Company: Peoplebank

Title: Data Engineer

Category: An initial 7-month contract with a client from the oil and gas field

Location: Perth, Australia

Experience: Not specified

Application: Link to apply


Job Description - Data Engineer - Career Growth Potential

We are looking for an energetic Data Engineer to join our passionate team at PeopleBank in Perth.
Growing your career as a Full Time Data Engineer is a remarkable opportunity to develop competitive skills.
If you are strong in analysis, attention to detail and have the right experience for the job, then apply for the position of Data Engineer at PeopleBank today!

Data Engineer

An initial 7-month contract with a client from the oil and gas field

Perth CBD Location

Skills: DASH, PLOTLY, Azure (PySpark, Synapse, SQL), and Python programming

About the company:

Our client is a global energy company that operates in the oil and gas industry.

The role:

This role requires a Data Engineer with experience in DASH, PLOTLY, Azure (PySpark, Synapse, SQL), Python programming, as well as additional preferences for familiarity with Agile methodologies, Scrum, business value understanding, the oil and gas domain, Azure DevOps, security/architecture/infrastructure, and data science knowledge.


Overcoming data-related challenges, debugging code, critically analyzing data issues, and innovating solutions.

Crafting clean and structured code while ensuring comprehensive validation of data.

As a Data Engineer, you’ll be expected to devise imaginative solutions and explore innovative approaches to data processing.

Prioritizing data tasks and establishing coherent pathways for data-driven narratives.

Articulating data intricacies and describing methodologies for resolving data issues will be a significant aspect of your work.

Effective interaction with the data team and stakeholders, coupled with the ability to simplify complex data concepts, will be essential.


Proficiency in DASH and PLOTLY is highly desirable.

Experience working with Azure services, including PySpark, Synapse, and SQL.

Azure DevOps experience (e.g deployment pipelines, Repos, Boards, Artifacts)

Highly proficient in Python programming.

Familiarity with handling Timeseries and SAP data.

Proficiency in version control using tools like Git and DevOps.

Strong background in Python development and consulting.

Thorough understanding of data structures.

Familiarity with testing frameworks such as pytest.

Sound knowledge of software best practices.

Flexibility at work is available for this job.