Dash Job - Business System Analyst - Recruiting Company

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Experience with open-source reporting and charting software like Plotly/Dash

Company: Two95 International Recruiting Company

Title: Business System Analyst

Category: Full Time

Location: United States (Remote)

Experience: Mid-Senior level

Application: Link to apply


Location: 100% Remote Work

Job Type: Full Time with our client

Salary: $Market + Excellent Benefits

Technical Skills

o Significant experience with SQL, Excel, and other data tools

o Experience with Pyton/R and SAS (preferably both)

o Experience collecting, combining, and interpreting data from multiple sources

o Experience with version control (git, enterprise github)

o Experience with Linux and Windows

o Knowledge of data gathering, cleaning, and transforming techniques

o Mathematical and statistical skills are also valuable to analyze data

o Writing: Expect to produce written reports of recommendations

o Prepare reports to communicate the results back to the relevant members of the business using the tools above and other as needed

o Create appropriate documentation that allows stakeholders to understand

Soft Skills

o Problem-solving and critical thinking: These abilities are necessary to identify problems and then evaluate alternative solutions to determine which one is best.

o Communication: Excellent listening skills allow analysts to understand clients’ or colleagues’ needs. Strong verbal communication skills make it easier to convey information effectively.

o Reading comprehension: Computer systems analysts must read manuals and technical reports to keep up with advances and implement new technology that meets employers’ or clients’ needs.

o Analytical skills: The ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently is necessary.

o Creativity: Think strategically about the information that will help stakeholders make business decisions

o Ability to set and meet deadlines

o Ability to work in high-pressure situations

o Excellent attention to detail

o Strong written/verbal communication skills

Nice to Have

o Experience with data visualization software such as Tableau or Qlik

o Experience with open-source rendering engines for markdown to modern documentation workflows like Jekyll, MkDocs or Docisfy)

o Experience with open-source reporting and charting software like Plotly/Dash

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