Dash Freezing entirely

So i have a dashboard that uses dropdowns and radio items as filters. WHen i switch between radio items it switches the the entire view. Almost like a tab. But in reality its just hidding one part of the view and unhiding another. While the dropdowns are used to filter what is shows in the views. But occasionally. Almost guaranteed within 10 uses of the filters the entire dashboard freezes and i get a page unresponisive message. I then need to close the tab in chrome and reopen the link to the dashboard. Anyone else experienced this. This is both on 1.11 and 1.12

It’s hard to say without seeing any code or a reproducible example… but we do have some performance improvements that are coming out today or tomorrow that will help with applications that have a large number of components - Stay tuned for an announcement in the forum.

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Trying to reproduce the error. Seems like there is a pattern. But sometimes it just feels random. Looking forward to the update. What is considered a large number of components? Currently i have around 70.

Large would be more like >250 or above, but you might see the performance improvement with 70 too.

This fix is now out, could you try upgrading to 1.13.0 with pip install dash --upgrade?

1.13.0 didnt fix it. But seems like 1.13.1 does. Ill keep testing on 1.13.1 to see if it shows up again.

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