App page freezing


I have a setup of three data tables which I am updating at 5 sec interval, 1 min interval, and 1 hour interval respectively. 5 sec table is visible always. The other 2 tables are in 2 different tabs.
There is also a hidden div and a dropdown. In the hidden div, I am storing a dataframe (roughly 5k rows but only about 1.1mb) in json which is used by the 1 hour table.

When the page loads everything is fine, but after about 30 min of usage, switching tabs starts to lag and dropdown becomes unresponsive. If I refresh, everything starts to work normally but it starts freezing again after the said time.

Any clues, what could be going wrong?


@noman Is there any improvement when you use a dcc.Store component vs a hidden div?

Let me try that @shammamah. thanks for the suggestion!

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