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Dash example app displays blank page


Just installed Dash via the instructions here: Part 1. Installation | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly
and went to test it using the example here: Part 2. Layout | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly .

I ran ‘python’ in my terminal as instructed, and when I copy the link into any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) only a blank white page with the (<>) button is displayed.

I saw someone had this issue before but no solution was offered. Any tips?

Here’s my configuration:

dash 1.16.3
dash-core-components 1.12.1
dash-html-components 1.1.1
dash-renderer 1.8.2
dash-table 4.10.1

Python 3.7.9

Also tried in Python 3.5 and got the same result.

Welcome @elastufka. If there is no discernible error in the terminal from where you launched the dash app, you can try looking at the Web Console in the browser, which shows errors for web pages. On firefox <Ctrl+Shift+K> will open this (on Linux and Windows, perhaps <Cmd+Shift+K> on Mac).

Thanks! It turned out to be a pandas error I couldn’t spot because I’m lost without my ipython debugger… updating pandas fixed it! Works great now!