Dash embedded component using angular possible?

Hey everyone,

From our company we are currently doing some experiment with dash. We are using some frontend components in Angular in whcih we would like to integrated some created Dash Apps.
i found this Embed Your Dash App in Other Websites | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly to perform the action we would like to have.

Does somebody know if this is feasible to implement via angular aswell?

In the docs they are only mentioning React, and we wanna check first compatibility to Anular before investing too much money :wink:

Thanks in advance


Dash is built with React, so using React components will be much easier than Angular. I am not saying it’s impossible - but most likely unfeasible :upside_down_face:

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I think, whenever they release a version that allows for using setProps from the clientside, technically any component should be able to interact with dash components.

However, to say that you want to add your own component to a dash layout, that is a little bit different, you could render the angular component into a specific dash component, like a div upon loading.

For rendering another type of library, you’d have to create a namespace etc for the component to sit in that would allow Dash to communicate to it. You could create a dummy React container that is used to transfer the data to the component possibly. XD