Dash in Angular?

So I’m developing an app in angular, and I wanted to add a dash-table in there.
My question is:
1- is this possible using iframes
2- can the dash components be triggered by angular components or vice versa? or does angular just act as a container for the python code
3- is there any coupling method that i need to be aware of?

Any help would be great, thanks!

PS. I have very little expertise in angular, so trade lightly on the terminology :smiley:

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I remember a project i colaborate with used Iframes to displays small graphics of dash there was no problem and the way they manages to alter the graphics within dash from outside (since dash was embedded and we did not have a wait to alter it) was to sent new parameters via the url query string which you can retrive in the dash python app.callback via the ‘search’ parameter of the url liker this: Input(‘url’, ‘search’)
that way you load a new page in an embedded iframe just this time with new data.
Hope it helps