Dash dose not show Choroplethmapbox Figure [Solved]

Hi everyone, I am trying to display a Mapbox Chororpleth figure on a Dash Graph object. but somehow, the figure does not show. Please could someone kindly point out how to fix the problem? thanks

The code is as simple as below:

import dash
import dash_html_components as html
import dash_core_components as dcc

app = dash.Dash()

def test_figure():
    # example taken from plotly
    from urllib.request import urlopen
    import json
    with urlopen('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/plotly/datasets/master/geojson-counties-fips.json') as response:
        counties = json.load(response)

    import pandas as pd
    df = pd.read_csv("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/plotly/datasets/master/fips-unemp-16.csv",
                    dtype={"fips": str})

    import plotly.graph_objects as go

    fig = go.Figure(go.Choroplethmapbox(geojson=counties, locations=df.fips, z=df.unemp,
                                        colorscale="Viridis", zmin=0, zmax=12,
                                        marker_opacity=0.5, marker_line_width=0))
                    mapbox_zoom=3, mapbox_center = {"lat": 37.0902, "lon": -95.7129})
    return fig

app.layout = html.Div([dcc.Graph(id='test-fig',figure = test_figure())])

if __name__ =='__main__':

Your provided example work fine for me, are you sure you have the latest version of Dash?

Many Thanks Blaceus,
after updating Dash to the latest version, it works fine now.

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