Dash Datatable - Copying text from table to clipboard does not work

Why is the copying of text from Dash Datatable disabled by default? I’d like to be able to copy text to clipboard. How do I get this working?

Standard selection of text and then using keys (Ctrl + C or Command + C) or using right click menu should copy text.


Shift and mouse clicks (or Shift and arrows) will let you highlight and Ctlr+C will copy to clipboard. This functionality exist by default.

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Hi, this doesn’t work properly if we have to select just part of the text in a cell and copy it. Instead, whole cell content is always copied (even if we manually selected just part of the content). Is there a solution for this?

Echoing stenik’s question I have the same problem in my Dash app. I can copy all the text within a cell, but cannot copy specific text (my app prints 10 distinct identifiers in a space delimited list that I would like to copy then paste in an external app for further analysis). Any workarounds or suggestions for this to work? Thanks!