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Copying from datatable

Is it possible to copy to clipboard from a datatable to paste into excel. When i try to do it now it works sometimes but not always.

This should work! Could you go into more detail about when it does vs doesn’t work? Any time that it doesn’t work would be considered a bug and we would like to fix it. However, we aren’t currently aware of any cases where this doesn’t work, so more detail would be greatly appreciated.

for example i try to select these cells and use ctrl + c. when i try to paste into excel i get nothing. If i try to copy one cell it sometimes works but only because i highlight the text


Thanks for reporting! On my end, it looks like this isn’t working when I shift+select but it does work when I shift+arrow-keys. I believe this is a regression. I’ve created an issue here: https://github.com/plotly/dash-table/issues/790