Copy the part of text from selected cell in DataTable

Apparently, whenever I manually select a part of text in a single cell of DataTable component, and try to copy it to clipboard (by using ctrl+c), the whole content of that cell is copied (although just part of it was selected/highlighted). Is this expected behavior? How can we achieve to copy just a selected part of a cell content?

I would have hoped that setting cell_selectable=False would have at least completely disabled this behaviour, however it seems like it removes the visual selected appearance, and also the auto copying to the clipboard, while leaving the inability to select text with your cursor.

Interestingly, this only applies to columns with a presentation attribute of “text”, whereas text selection does work with both cell_selectable=False and presentation set to markdown.

Edit: have done a bit more digging and it looks like there are two separate issues related to cell_selectable=False