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Dash cytoscape can't access the style editor

According with this Styling | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly there are 2 options to follow, I can’t run none of them.

The online version available at:
I’m prompted with a login popup, I tried to subscribe to the forum, not the same credentials, I tried to subscribe to plotly studio, not the same credentials. Clicking on “forgot password” and then on the 3 lines on the top (menu), there is a signup option which leads you again to the signin page :frowning: :weary:

The other option is running the same locally using this code: dash-cytoscape/ at master · plotly/dash-cytoscape · GitHub
however there are these 2 dependencies

from demos.editor.callbacks import assign_callbacks
from demos.editor.layout import layout as cytoscape_layout

and I can’t figure out which package contains them (they are not in the main dash package, as I get the following error:

from demos.editor.callbacks import assign_callbacks
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'demos'

This is a bit frustrating, any hint? Thanks :slight_smile: