Dash core components - Error running demos

Has anyone tried running the demo in dash-core-components? I tried following the guide, and everything installed as expected. However, when running npm start to launch the demon, i get this error,

SyntaxError: expected expression, got ','

It seems that i am not the only one. Diving into the generated js, the line where this error appears is just after the // __webpack_public_path__ comment,

/******/ 	// __webpack_public_path__
/******/ 	__webpack_require__.p = "";,var getCurrentScript = function() {
/******/ 	    var script = document.currentScript;

Some quick googling suggests that this type of error can arise due to incompatibility between webpack and certain packages, but since i haven’t modified anything yet (i just cloned the repo), that doesn’t really make sense.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any suggestions on how to fix it or where to look? :slight_smile: