CoreUI-React in the Dash Framework

First, thanks for making Dash! The demo at SciPy this year was fantastic and we are starting to invest into the software stack. Our first production level attempt is to make a Admin Dashboard for a project of ours and in the past we have used Flask with CoreUI.

Using the component boilerplate worked well for our toy projects and we were able to learn a bit of React. However, when attempting to run the boilerplate over the CoreUI-React framework (and after removing the function types, etc) we see the following error:

ERROR in ./src/lib/components/Sidebar.js
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
SyntaxError: Unexpected token (93:43)

  91 |
  92 |   render() {
> 93 |     const { className, children, tag: Tag, ...attributes } = this.props;
     |                                            ^
  94 |
  95 |     delete attributes.compact
  96 |     delete attributes.display

Googling around say this is the property spread notation which seems valid. Any ideas here?

Someone made a dash-coreui-components package which is probably worth checking out.

For the spread notation, you might be missing a Babel plugin? Compare with the babelrc for dash-core-components

Yea, I made an issue on the dash-coreui-components repo. It no longer builds and, confusingly, has the same syntax that is in the current master.

Thanks for the Babel plugin idea! Unfortunately the above did not fix it, but gives me an idea of directions to explore.