Dash Clientside Callbacks

This may seem like a really stupid question but here it goes:

I have a machine learning app, where the model that is trained is dynamic. The model is to forecast covid-19 cases, and as the number of cases keep changing everyday, we need to train the model and give the outputs everytime a user wants to see the predictions. Our model takes approximately 2 minutes to run, but it is very resource heavy. So i thought of making use of the client side callbacks in dash. But my question here is: is the function given in the client side callback run on the users system and not on the server? Can the complex computation be done on their system resources instead of the server’s resources?

Yes, the client side callback is executed on client’s browser, so in principle it is possible. However, you would have to reimplement the complex model in JavaScript. And the user experience would probably not be ideal :confused: