Triggering a server side callback from a client side callback if needed

Hello everyone! new to the community. Just started with dash, and I am extremely happy with it! I am currently working on a dash application and trying to use clientside callbacks whenever necessary. For my given input, I have the main search query string, and additional filters, which includes three dropdowns. All these input are bound by a “Search” button. For multiple queries, I would like to detect the difference between the previous query and the current one and execute it accordingly, since some changes could be resolved on the clientside, while others require server interaction.

I was wondering if there’s a way to start with a clientside callback and move to a regular callback if some changes are detected that require server interaction? Please let me know if my idea makes sense at all, or that I should reconsider my design.

Thank you!

Hi @hadikhamoud, sounds good to me. Not sure how is your workflow, but maybe the clientside callback could Output into a dcc.Store() which triggers the other callback.