Same output for client-side and server-side callback


I am using dash to show timeseries data. One of the plots consists of a variable amount of timeseries-lines consisting of less than 100K points each.
The shown lines are changeable, dependant on some dropdown variables. These are processed server-side and the right data is sent to the client.
I have some extra function for interactivity of the timeseries-plots. These are done client-side due to speed considerations.

As I understand it is not possible to have multiple functions for the same output. The way to differentiate is by using a server-side callback updating a dcc.Store element that in his place is the trigger for a client-side callback updating the figure.

The problem is that in this way, all the data of the large timeseries is stored twice in the browser (one time in the store and another in the figure).
Therefore I am wondering if the way explained above is the only possibility and if it is the best possibility.

Thanks for your help!