Dash_bootstrap_components compatible version for dash 0.37.0 version

I have developed most of my tool in dash version 0.37.0
If I update it on higher version then most of functionality has been stopped.
So I had downgraded dash to 0.37.0
So could anyone tell me which version of dash_bootstrap_components is compatible with dash version 0.37.0?

might need to investigate the hard way as their change log is done via releases (https://github.com/facultyai/dash-bootstrap-components/releases). However, it looks like the dependency wrt to Dash is via the version of React. You would need to figure out version of react used in Dash 0.37 and then download past releases of dash-bootstrap-components and look at the react version in dependencies

As @flyingcujo said version 0.5.0 and later require React 16 which is not supported by Dash 0.37.0. You can use any earlier versions, though in 0.3.6 and 0.4.0 the Tabs component won’t work because it assumes the current internal structure of Dash components which changed in 0.40.0. Version 0.3.5 of dash-bootstrap-components I would expect to be fully compatible with Dash 0.37.0.


@tcbegley Thank you that worked. :smile: