Dash bootstrap Components - carousel with multiple cards

Hi every one,

i want to create a bootsrap carousel with each item contain a cardGroup

Hi @mohcin.sarrar and welcome to the Dash community :slightly_smiling_face:

The Bootstrap Carousel does not support having components in the slides - it only displays images and text.

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I “dashed” off a quick answer to this earlier, but I think it’s a good question, so I wanted to provide some more info.

When I was working on developing the Carousel for the dash-bootstrap-components library, I also thought it would be cool to be able to display other components such as cards or graphs or tables etc. However that doesn’t work because the component is based on the Bootstrap Carousel – and that underlying component only supports images and text.

However, you can still create a “carousel - like” UI in a Dash app. You could update the content of a html.Div in a callback based on the dcc.Interval. You could also make a pause button, and use buttons for the previous and next controls which can also be used to update the content of the “carousel” in a callback.

So yes, it’s still possible to do with Dash. It’s just not as simple as using the dbc.Carousel to display text and images.