Dash Bootstrap Components v0.13.0 New Carousel Component, R and Julia examples

:mega: Introducing: The Carousel component

Be sure to upgrade to the latest release of dash-bootstrap-components v0.13.0 and take the new Carousel component for a spin. Use it to create a slideshow that cycles through a series of images and text. It also includes support for previous/next controls and indicators.

See the new Carousel section of the docs for more information.

Here is small preview. And if you make something cool with Carousel please feel free to post it in this thread!

photos by @tcbegley

:tada: Other enhancements and improvements

  • The title prop is now available on Button and Badge (PR 617)

  • Added links_left prop to NavbarSimple to allow links to be left-aligned (PR 618)

  • Fixed bug in Spinner component that meant spinner_style prop was not correctly applied to the spinner. (PR 578)

  • Updated behaviour of Input with type="number" to match behaviour in dash-core-components. If an invalid input is entered (i.e. one outside the range of min / max or with an invalid step) the component passes the value None to callbacks for the first invalid input, then doesn’t fire again until a valid input is entered. PR 626)

:mega: Announcing: Julia and R examples

The dash-bootstrap-component documentation now includes Julia and R code snippets. Select the tab corresponding to the language you are using.

Also, find more Julia example apps here

Big thanks to @glsdown for translating all the code snippets and example apps to Julia! :medal_sports:


And thanks to @tcbegley who does an amazing job maintaining the dash-bootstrap-components library. :clap: