Presenting new ope-source library components** Dash Trich Components **

Hi fellows!

We started to develop some new Dash components that we missed, and so we decided to structure it and disposal to the public;

It has only few components yet, but it can be helpful to many people apply in their projects:

The library is mainly developed by @romanonatacha

All contributions, feedbacks are very welcome, it’s our first open-source contribution to help increase the Dash functionalities;


beautiful stuff! thanks for sharing and open sourcing it :tada:


How to fix this one as I really like the library. Please help me to set up this one in dash environment.

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Beautiful components! thanks for sharing!

When using the carousel component, I get an error while rendering the arrow (see image, I get a square instead). I am doing something wrongly or I miss some required libraries?
Screenshot 2022-02-12 at 17.52.52


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I just used the component and the first result was just like yours. I clear all my css properties and it worked. Maybe you can try it.