Dash app delayed response time (deployed to azure app services)

We have a dash app deployed to Azure app services in North Europe region, which loads some data from snowflake and displays it. When I am accessing this web app from client internet (using citrix workspace), it takes around 1 to 1.5 minutes to display data. But when I am accessing it from my own network i.e. from Pakistan it takes around 7 to 8 minutes.
When I check the network tab after inspecting on chrome, I see these dash components are taking time to download.
Here is the time it takes when I access it from client internet (ip location is Germany):


Here is the time it takes when I access it from Pakistan/India:


I have already checked the azure app service configuration and there is not network configuration in place. So, I guess it’s not a deployment issue and must have something to do with the dash app itself. But what confuses me is this significant difference in time when accessing.

And what are these dash components and what does it download every time we refresh a page? Is there a better option?

BTW the size of data is around 80k rows and around 10 columns.

PS: (I am not dash developer, joined my company as MLOPs and they have asked me to investigate this dash app slowness issue).